Zenith Virago is the go-to marriage celebrant of Byron Bay, Australia, having conducted over 1500 marriage ceremonies. She’s also the region’s deathwalker, offering end-of-life decision planning and DIY funeral alternatives through her Natural Death Care Centre.

Both sides of her work share the same mission: to help people reclaim their most personal, vulnerable, and significant life moments from commercial pressure, government bureaucracy, and cultural taboo.

Filmmaker Broderick Fox and executive producer Lee Biolos embedded with Virago for five weeks of filming in Byron Shire to create Zen & the Art of Dying, a feature-length documentary portrait of Zenith and her pioneering work.

The film is currently on the festival circuit with plans for a Fall 2016 release. To get updates on upcoming screenings, sign up for our mailing list and  follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Explore our useful links, and contact us if you have a potential screening opportunity near you.

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