In-Depth EdgeMedia Article on Zen & the Art of Dying


Thanks to Kilian Melloy of Edge Media Network for his thoughtful and in-depth article on Zen & the Art of Dying in advance of our Jan. 14, 2016 Morbid Anatomy Museum screening. Melloy writes:

Openly gay documentary filmmaker Broderick Fox goes places others might not wish to venture, and does it with heart and grace. An early short documentary examined his brush with body dysmorphia (anorexia and compulsive exercise); his first full-length documentary, “The Skin I’m In,” featured at film festivals around the country a couple of years ago, examined Fox’s own experiences with addiction and alcoholism.

Now Fox follows up with “Zen and the Art of Dying,” a project that took him to Australia to meet and film Zenith Virago, a self-trained “deathwalker” who has made a profession of helping people — sick and well, young and old — think about and prepare for the eventuality of shuffling off this mortal coil. Read full article